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Star Wars: 'Birthday Shopping'

Title: Birthday Shopping
Fandom: Star Wars
Prompt: #73. Light
Characters: Anakin/Vader, Leia
Ratings & Warnings: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it. Not even the pairing concept of Dormé/Anakin which is cariel
Summery: Vader and Leia try to find the perfect gift for Dormé.

“Its Ama’s birthday Daddy, we can’t just have the droid make her a cake! We have to make one ourselves!”

Anakin couldn’t help but smile upon hearing his six year old daughter’s announcement. Though in the middle of a discussion with two renowned tailors and a jeweller, Leia immediately had his attentions.

With a determined look the little girl dropped the heap of data pads containing recipes in front of him. Furrowing his brow he studied the datapads and gave her an amused look as she stared up at his seven foot semi-armoured form.

“What’s this?” he asked already knowing the answer. Leia frowned, her lips forming a perfect little pout as she folded her arms. “You’re not listening to me Daddy!”

Torn between pulling Leia into an embrace and laughing out loud over how adorable she looked, Vader knew better than to act on it as that was hardly a response she’d appreciate.

“I’m sorry Leia but I think it is best that the droid made dessert—you know how Daddy is in the kitchen,” he admitted with a sheepish smile. Leia giggled knowing all too well how terrible her father was when it came to cooking. But she wasn’t about to give up either. She was too much like her Ama for that.

“That’s why I’m going to help Daddy!” she stated proudly. Vader knew then that he was in trouble. Leia loved to cook, but she was just as bad as he was when it came to baking. Not even Dormé’s patience or guidance could save the two from turning the simplest recipes into utter disasters.

Needless to say Anakin knew he had to think quickly in order to deter Leia from her plan, or it was certain Dormé’s birthday dinner would be a disaster.

“I think Ama would like that one Daddy!” she whispered in awe as she pointed to a gorgeous crimson gown. Fortunately the beautiful gown proved to be the perfect distraction for both father and daughter.
The gown was strapless and backless, simplistic in design though the intricate embroidery that lined the bustier revealed its perfect craftsmanship. Even Anakin couldn’t look away when he set eyes on it.

However he couldn’t resist a bit of fun with their little girl and pretended to furrow his brow as though he weren’t sure.

“Are you certain princess? What about this one?” he asked suppressing a grin as Leia wrinkled her nose.

“No Daddy, that’s pink! Ama doesn’t like pink, she likes red!” she stated in factual tones.

Vader tried to remain serious but it was a struggle. “Are you sure?”

Leia grinned having caught the hint of a smile in her father’s scarred features. Poking his side she giggled in amusement. “You’re being silly Daddy!” she teased before falling silent when the second tailor revealed another beautiful gown.

Her eyes lit up to the sight and she gasped as she pointed to it. “Daddy, look at this one! I think Ama would really like this one too!” she pressed on.

This gown was a little more extravagant, clearly designed for opulent gatherings or a night on the town. Deep green in colour it was designed with a built corset that contained black embroidery. The skirts were thick and full, completing the impression of royalty. As they studied the gown together, the tailor politely assured Anakin that everything had been personally handcrafted by himself. It was as breathtaking as the first gown and Anakin had to agree with Leia, it would be perfect for his beloved.

Leia’s tastes, like Dormés own, were artistic and beautiful. She knew just what was perfect to wear and when to wear it. It left Vader fearing the day when she’d be old enough to wear such gowns. He could only imagine the lines of suitors she would have and his inevitable disdain of them. In his opinion, no man would ever be good enough for their little girl.

“You heard the lady,” he said to the tailors with a smile, “we’ll take both.”

“An excellent choice milord,” the first tailor said before going through the procedures of the sale. The second tailor soon followed suit. Which left behind, only the patient jeweller who went through her wares to find the perfect accessories that would accompany the purchased gowns.

When it came to the jewellery Leia appeared to be a little less decisive. Like her father she loved beautiful things and the sparkling jewels held her amber eyes captive. Vader couldn’t help but chuckle as he noticed her eyes growing wide with each necklace, earring and rings shown to her.

“I like that one,” she said pointing to a fantastic, albeit tacky, necklace. It was something Vader could see her biological mother wearing, but certainly not Dormé. Choosing his words carefully Anakin attempted to distract her with another, more elegant necklace.

“That one is pretty, but what about this one?” the young father suggested as he pointed to a more simplistic velvet choker, with an onyx and ruby intertwine in the middle. Leia felt otherwise, and soon was distracted by another gaudy bangle; this time a massive armband covered in diamonds and rubies.

“What about this one Daddy?” she asked with a smile. Anakin, like his daughter, was easily distracted by beautiful things. At the sight of the elegant, but unpractical armband he couldn’t resist.

“An excellent choice Leia,” he agreed, motioning to the armband that was laden with diamonds that dangled from its golden and ruby engraved base. “We’ll take it,” he announced causing the jeweller to smile before she began to package it.

After viewing more accessories, the father, and daughter duo finally settled on a variety of necklaces, bracelets, tiaras and rings. The final bill was astronomical, but price was hardly a problem; being the second-in-command to an empire did have its perks.

While Anakin knew Dormé would not have been amused at the vast amounts of credit spent –she was certain to say they’d be better spent on school supplies for under privileged children- in his opinion it was justified.

It was her birthday after all, just as it was his birthday too. Rather it was the day they had designated for their birthday; the day they first met. It was their belief that only then did their lives truly began. Now six years later, Anakin was determined to make this birthday, Dormé’s most memorable yet.

“Okay Daddy, now its time to make Ama’s cake!”

Vader resisted the urge to utter a panicked curse under his breath to her words. Just when he was certain he had dissuaded Leia from baking, she was collecting Dormé’s datapads and presenting them to her daddy proudly.

But as Vader wanted to avoid the impending disaster, who was he to refuse their little girl?

So with a sheepish grin he accepted the recipes with one hand, while slipping his other into her little hands. Together they departed for the kitchen to begin Dormé’s greatest and most unexpected surprise yet—a hand baked birthday cake from her family.

As they prepared for their latest and most daunting project Anakin could only hope that this time a burnt kitchen and destroyed oven wouldn’t prove to be her greatest surprise.
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