Jo (Jody) (betareject) wrote in au_vader,
Jo (Jody)

'The Proposal' a Vader/Dorme fic and manip

Title: The Proposal
Fandom: Star Wars (AU)
Pairings: Vader/Dormé
Ratings & Warnings: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.
Author’s notes: This is an AU that involves Vader killing Palpatine and ruling as emperor and coincides with the quickie manip below.


Entering the old dilapidated racetrack the young emperor couldn’t resist a grin. Her joy was evident as was the nostalgia that reflected in her eyes. Anakin didn’t need explain himself; Dormé knew exactly why they were here.

On this day many years ago Dormé entered his life with a kiss and disappeared with his heart. Years later, he discovered that he too, had stolen hers.

With a smile that made him weak in the knees, she took his hand and gave it a squeeze. Reaching out with the Force Vader let his aura intermingle with Dormé’s force signature; enabling her to witness his emotions the way he could feel hers. Together, they slowly made their way down the winding old basement halls; to where it all began.

Though everything was covered in a thick layer of dust, and the paint had long since peeled from the walls, Vader felt as though he were stepping into another time, another place. If he listened hard enough, Anakin was certain he’d be able to hear the thrum of speeders charging up and the cheering of the crowds. But it was the present that truly caught his attention.

The sound of her footsteps were light; a sharp contrast to the heavy weight of his boots and the hiss hush of his respirator. But the balance of sounds was soothing to his ears, and it added to his sense of contentment.

Glancing over to Dormé his expression softened. Vader wondered if she knew just how beautiful she looked, with her dark hair cascading past her shoulders. Or the way she walked with such grace and poise; as though she were an empress-his empress. He smiled to the thought, while forcing himself not to blatantly stare at the cluster of freckles that decorated her cheeks. She truly was a goddess and if Anakin had his way, she would be his goddess; now and always.

Approaching the entrance where racers once gathered for the races Vader paused. Releasing his grip on Dormé’s hand he grinned as his fingers slipped to his utility belt in nervous anticipation. He couldn’t wait to see her freckles dance; they always did whenever Dormé was overjoyed.

Go ahead my love; this is my surprise for you. Vader whispered into her thoughts as Dormé glanced back at him in curiosity. A curious and eager smiled crept into her features, leaving Anakin longing to tear off his mask so as to kiss those impish lips.

Stepping forward into the opening Dormé gave a gasp of surprise. It was here, in this exact place, where both of their lives were forever changed.

Years later in place of speeders and parts now rested a small black and red marble statue of two lovers lost in a passionate embrace. The statue was crafted by the finest of masons and was so detailed that bore a picturesque semblance to the emperor and his queen. Yet something was out of place; tied to the man’s hip rested a data pad.

“It’s so beautiful!” Dormé breathed in awe as her fingers lightly caressed the cheek of the male.

Anakin smiled in joy as he watched on; his fingers nervously fiddling with his utility belt. Had it not been for his respirator forcing air into his lungs, he would have held his breath, as Dormé pick up the data pad.

Glancing back at him, Dormé's expression was riddled with curiosity and anticipation. With a shy nod, Vader silently encouraged her to read it.

“This is a deed for the old racetrack?” she whispered in surprise as she read the title on the datapad. Approaching her from behind Anakin chuckled as he slipped an arm around her petite waist.

“There’s more,” he said. Grinning, Dormé stood on the balls of her feet to kiss his mask right where his lips would have been. Turning back to the data pad she began to read parts of it out loud as her eyes lit up first in shock and then in joy.

“—As per contract and agreement, the construction of the Empress Dormé Skywalker children’s hospital and medical center will commence immediately; as per request of his majesty Lord Vader?”

Without warning Dormé whirled around to pull Anakin into a tight embrace causing him to almost lose his grip on the small wooden box he removed from his utility belt only moments ago.

Yet just as Dormé was about to express her joy she noticed something wasn't quite right. With rosy cheeks and a bashful look, she confessed that there had been a bit of a mistake; they had given her the wrong surname.

In reply, Anakin placed the polished wooden box carefully into her hands. Before watching her open it as he bit his lip and tried to ignore his racing heart. Stunned the petite beauty slowly opened it; finding inside a beautifully handcrafted wedding armband resting in the midst of crimson velvet. Engraved in the gold were two dragons intertwined, while carved along the edges were ancient blessings written in old Uriashan.

“That’s why,” he whispered, though the respirator twisted his voice making it seem like a growl.

Gingerly Dormé's fingers outlined the images as amber eyes read the ancient script. Though Dormé spoke not a word, her emotions spoke volumes and that alone, was enough.

Her amber eyes met his blue orbs, and in them held the answer his heart so desperately longed to hear. With a hidden but shy smile, Anakin gently took the armband and carefully slipped it onto her left arm.

This time when their eyes met Vader knew he would not be able to resist. As though sensing his thoughts, Dormé reached up to undo the clasp of his helmet. Soon Vader’s fingers were slipping over hers as together they removed his mask.

As the last piece of his respirator slipped from his fingers and clattered to the floor, their lips met in a kiss that left Anakin feeling as though he found true harmony.
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