Jo (Jody) (betareject) wrote in au_vader,
Jo (Jody)

Star Wars: 'Drowning' (Fanvid/Fanfic)

Title: Drowning
Fandom: Star Wars
Beta: A huge thank you to cariel for beta reading this for me!
Ratings & Warnings: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.

The pain was nothing like he had ever felt before. Even the searing burns of his broken flesh paled in comparison to the surgery being performed on him. No anaesthetics were given, no painkillers either. Anakin was entirely alert throughout it all and entirely at the mercy of the medical droids. But just when he was certain he couldn’t take the pain any longer, blessed unconsciousness was granted.

But if the surgery was terrifying, the dream realm was far worse.

Vader didn’t know what happened only that he was crashing into the water. It wasn’t storming or even raining, yet the current was so powerful that Anakin was swiftly sucked into the under tow. Panicked, he opened his mouth to scream only to swallow water instead. Frantically clawing against the powerful undercurrent in a desperate attempt to break the surface, Vader found himself instead being pulled further under. His lungs burned as did the rest of his body leaving the young Sith Lord to wonder if this was what it meant to be consumed by the dark side.

Desperately he reached out to the Force, crying out for help. Ironically, it wasn’t Palpatine or even Padmé’s name that came to his thoughts; it was his brother, Obi-Wan. It wasn’t Obi-Wan who answered his plea, it was another.

She came from nowhere, or so it seemed. A goddess or a nightmare, Vader didn’t care; he wasn’t alone and that mattered most. She took his hand—strangely calloused like his own—and smiled. He was too terrified to respond; not terrified enough to miss her beauty. Wrapping her arms around him the beautiful stranger placed her lips over his own; they were bittersweet and so tempting.

Just breathe, she instructed his thoughts.

Too panicked to question if she was sensitive to the force, Vader did as he was told. Her breath was just as sweet and soothing, cooling his ravaged lungs. With their bodies intertwined and their lips locked in a life-preserving kiss, they drifted to the surface. Anakin gave no resistance when he found himself on the shoreline and in the strange beauty’s arms. She smiled at him; a silent, loving assurance that he would be alright.

She leaned in again, as though about to kiss his lips when Vader felt a powerful shift in the Force. With eyes closed he held his breath, waiting with a racing heart to taste her sweet lips once more. Her lips never met his own, yet he felt the sweet warmth of her breath and knew she was breathing life into him.

Returning to consciousness, Vader drew in a sharp breath and opened his bleary eyes.

The mask—his new prison—was being lowered over his face yet from the corner of his eyes Anakin caught sight of a reflection so familiar, for a moment he was unable to look away. Through the glass wall, the mysterious beauty of his dreams stood, watching and waiting, as a silent tear slipped down her freckled cheek.

Vader didn’t know who she was or why she would want to even help him. One thing was certain: she was his saviour and for that reason, Vader knew he had to find a way to claim her as his own.
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