Jessa (toreadore_rose) wrote in au_vader,

Hi, everyone ^_^ I'm new, and I have a question...

I found this RP group, here...

And I was thinking it would be a perfect place for some Luke and Vader interaction. Basically the game states that there is this ship, and on it inmates and wardens. Inmates are evil people who have died, and wardens are the people who look after them. The ship everyone in on stops places and people can get off and look around... and the worlds can be anything from delightful to frightening. The only thing is a person must die *evil* to show up there so... Vader would have had to died a little earlier then he did in cannon... and *still* be evil. Which, you know, always sexy ^_~ Yay AU!

I would love to know if anyone would be interested in joining up with me there; I could play Luke or Vader. I like longer posts (a few paragraphs, at least) and although I'm not perfect at spelling or grammar, I do hope to teach English so I'm hoping for someone who at least tries to use proper sentence structure, spelling, and all that. Also, someone whose posts are as long as mine (or longer!) would be lovely. Lastly *cough* I am hoping to pair the two of them... *grin* So someone who is okay with that would be wonderful <3

Thanks for the consideration, lovies!

Is anyone interested?
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